traces of hydrocarbons, their by-products, and their alteration products. The readings derived from these geochemical processes, through gas chromatography, mass spectroscopy, and other computerized scientific measures, allows REX to effectively locate hidden formations of gas, oil, and mineral reserves. Utilizing the Amplified Geochemical Imaging Technology for finding and mapping potential reserves has delivered an 89% discovery success rate as compared to the much lower discovery rate with traditional methods of exploration. REX structures its projects based on the following three scenarios, or a combination of these:

  • Obtain an overriding royalty interest in an oil or gas project of a Gross Smelter Royalty where a third party owns or controls the mineral rights;
  • Obtain a working or joint venture Interest in an oil, gas or mineral project where a third party owns or controls the mineral rights; or
  • Obtain or control the mineral rights, conduct geochemical surveys and exploration, and then promote the project retaining an interest.

Corporate History
Mark Arnold and Grant Tonkin founded Royalty Exploration, LLC (REX) in November of 2005 to develop interests in oil, gas, and mining properties. REX utilizes the Amplified Geochemical Imaging Survey Technology, a trademarked product that allows cost-effective and efficient exploration and development of gas, oil, and mineral deposits. REX has entered into numerous participation agreements with well-known names in the oil, gas, and mining industries. REX has successfully completed several projects which have been drilled and are in production.

About Us

Royalty Exploration, LLC

Business Strategy
Key elements of Royalty Exploration's business strategy include:

  • Earn and hold royalties or working interests on high quality oil, gas and mineral resources using Amplified Geochemical Imaging Survey Technology;
  • Earn royalties or working interests on properties in major oil, gas and mineralized regions that have upside potential;
  • Use the Amplified Geochemical Imaging Survey Technology to increase success rate and efficiency (time);
  • Decrease finding cost and risk; broaden our portfolio of oil, gas and mineral properties to diversify risk;
  • Leverage a productive staff that possess creative deal-making skills, industry expertise and a high degree of motivation provided by significant equity ownership in the company;
  • Combine smart exploration with superior technology; and maintain an efficient overhead structure to maximize cash flow

Corporate Profile
Royalty Exploration, LLC (REX) is a privately-held technology-based exploration and royalty company. REX owns and manages working interests, joint venture interests, and royalties on oil and gas and mineral properties.

REX's business model is based on providing REX exploration survey's using Amplified Geochemical Imaging Survey Technology to mining, oil and gas companies in exchange for royalty interests or the right to earn working or joint venture interest in production realized from the REX surveys.

REX utilizes sophisticated geochemical processes in the exploration and discovery of petroleum and mineral reserves through the identification of surface or near-surface