Royalty Exploration, LLC

Royalty Exploration, LLC
8369 Southpark Lane, Suite B
Littleton, CO 80120 USA
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Welcome to REX
Specializing in Exploration of Natural Resources


Smart People | Superior Process
Royalty Exploration (REX) is a privately held US-based company successfully engaged in the exploration of natural gas, crude oil, base metal, precious metal, and energy mineral deposits. REX North American office is located in Littleton, Colorado with ongoing projects around the world.

Smart Exploration | Superior Technology
REX leverages patented, cutting edge technology to seek out and explore new sources of energy and mineral deposits around the world. REX technology reduces environmental impact, protects sensitive areas, significantly reduces risk and improves investment returns for shareholders.

Seeking New Americas Projects
REX is actively seeking new exploration projects in the Americas with joint venture or working interest partners. For more information, please contact us.